Why vote Conservative...

Same old Labour. A vote for Labour is a vote to return to the past, to re-enter recession, to see taxes raised, and Britain in economic disaster all over again. Labour do not know what they believe in or what they are doing. Their story changes everyday. They are a graveyard of broken promises.

Same old SNP. A vote for the SNP is a vote for a party that has failed our NHS; a vote for the party that made us the Drug-death capital of Europe; retain the worst Child Poverty in Europe for most of the last decade; plumet in our educational attainment; score the lowest resourced Police force in the UK ... yet, instead of addressing any of that, they are wasting their efforts lying about it being Westminster's fault and wasting your money on promoting an Independence agenda for the minority. DO NOT WASTE YOUR VOTE ON THE SNP!

A vote for the Conservatives, is a vote for a secure future:

Food security, supporting and promoting foods produced through British Farming;

Energy Security, Oil and Gas, Net Zero, a Just transition giving energy sector job security;

Border Security - a deterrent to illegal immigration and people trafficking gangs;

Territorial Security – we are the only party that see the value of a nuclear deterrent and will continue to support our servicemen and women who keep us safe.

Therefore, a vote for Conservative is a vote for a secure future

Things keep going from bad to worse with the SNP. They have made a mess of Scotland

Labour will bring insecurity and uncertainty to Britain

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